House of Bō is built on the foundations of transparency, environmental responsibility, fair working conditions, and positive relations with producers and local communities.


SOURCING AT ORIGIN - Our teams work with a collective network of local smallholder farmers, intermediate suppliers and partners. These personal relationships help ensure our supply of raw materials, but also strengthen the local economy. 

CRUELTY FREE - Our fragrances do not contain any animal ingredients, colorants or derivatives and they are never tested on animals.

SUSTAINABILITY & ORGANIC FARMING - In combination with green science and up-cycled materials, we use ingredients that are ethical and sustainable for the environment. House of Bō formulations contain natural ingredients originating from organic farming methods or from wild harvesting in compliance with national legislation and United States NOP standards.


Cap - Our stunning Parfum caps are hand-sculpted by local Mexican artisans from natural reclaimed travertine marble stone. These one of a kind pieces can also be used as paperweights or incense holders. 

Parfum Bottle - Our bottles are manufactured from recyclable glass in a facility that uses sustainable energy. 

Packaging - Our packaging materials are made from FSC Certified paper that is responsibly sourced, ensuring no wild forest is ever used.

Bō is the phonetic sound for Beau

Meaning of Bō


English word: *beau (SIGNIFICANT OTHER)

borrowed from French: *beau (BEAUTIFUL)

comes from Latin: *bellus (PLEASANT)

and later Proto-Italic: *dwenos (GOOD)