House of Bō is a community where your definition of self is not only encouraged, but celebrated. We believe authenticity leads to meaningful connections that nurture our soul, that is why we invite you to be unapologetically you.

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House of Bō is a collection of gender-neutral fragrances that seek to awaken your body and soul. Our fragrances harness the deeply evocative power of aroma as an expression of self, one that allows us to connect to the intangible, through our senses. Inspired by nature and the mystical power of scent, our quintessential aromas are created with the highest quality of natural sustainably sourced ingredients.  

meaning of bō

Bō is the phonetic sound for Beau


English word: *beau (SIGNIFICANT OTHER)

borrowed from French: *beau (BEAUTIFUL)

comes from Latin: *bellus (PLEASANT)

and later Proto-Italic: *dwenos (GOOD)